Name: Adil Bashir

Job Role: Web designer

Experience: 4 Years 3 Months

Address: Kashmir, India


Wordpress 98%
Javascript 85%
AI 90%
Html 85%
Graphing Deigning 90%


About Me

With over 5 years of comprehensive experience in the field of web development, accompanied by an experience of 5 years. Proficient in designing web pages, backen end, customer behaviour analysis, & various coding languages. Demonstrated success in leading impactful projects and providing effective mentorship

  • Profile: Web developer & SEO
  • Domain: front end & Back end
  • Education: Masters
  • Language: Kashmiri, English, Hindi
  • BI Tools: Microsoft Power BI, Looker &
  • Other Skills: Cloud, Excel, Git, JIRA, Google Analytics & SEO
  • Interest: Mountains, Travel Photography, Teaching

0 +   Projects completed




Seasoned web Analyst with 5+ years of experience driving business strategies through web designing. Proven expertise in SEO, Front end, Back end and project management.



Web developer


Crafting digital experiences one line of code at a time—where vision meets precision in the art of web development.

  • Proficient in JavaScript, leveraging frameworks like React and Vue to create dynamic, user-friendly interfaces that enhance user experience and drive client engagement.
  • Experienced in WordPress development, specializing in custom themes and plugins to deliver tailored solutions that optimize website functionality and SEO performance.


Senior Website Analyst


Exam Oriented Pvt. Ltd. is an ed-tech company dedicated to delivering top-notch education through innovative and quality-focused solutions.

  • Expert in developing robust backend systems using languages like Python and Node.js, focusing on scalability and security to support complex applications and high traffic environments.
  • Skilled in database management and API integration, utilizing SQL and NoSQL databases to ensure efficient data flow and connectivity between servers and applications.




Cluster university srinagar

Grade: First class distinction.



Cluster University Srinagar

Grade: First class distinction.



Below are the sample website projects on wordpress], Javascript.

" Dedicated news website covering all things Kashmir." is a dedicated news platform providing in-depth coverage and updates on events and issues in Kashmir.

" Your Hub for Latest Scholarship Updates and Opportunities" is a dedicated platform for the latest updates and information on scholarships. is a website offering the latest updates and information for students. is a website offering the latest updates and information for students, including exam schedules, results, and academic resources.

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I love to solve business problems & uncover hidden data stories



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Kashmir, India

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